Support Lines 24/7

Telephone Support Lines

24/7/365 Psychological Support Hotline

This line serves exclusively the employees of the cooperating companies.

24-hour  Counseling and Psychological Support Line for all employees and their families.

Indicative requests managed by the Line:

  • personal: interpersonal relationships strengthening, emotion regulation, mood improvement, personal skills strengthening.
  • family: couple relations, crises management in family situations (divorce, bereavement), parent - children  communication improvement.
  • work-related: work stress, resilience and optimism strengthening, emotional  relief and empowerment to manage work issues, self-confidence improvement.


  • Prevention and more effective management of critical situations (organizational changes, accidents)
  • Motivation and development
  • Development of communication skills, improvement of interpersonal relationships (colleagues - clients)
  • Effective time management, traumatic events management (robbery, loss, accidents)
  • Performance issues management
  • Productivity increase
  • Communication improvement
  • Absenteeism minimization
  • Strengthening of employee - supervisor relations

Nutrition Counseling Line

The Nutrition Counseling Line operates on working days at fixed hours  and enables employees to get in touch with a licensed nutritionist, who will:

  • Provide balanced diet advice
  • Provide child nutrition advice
  • Provide nutritional advice for athletes
  • Provide nutritional advice for vulnerable groups (patients, pregnant women, the elderly, etc.)
  • Form a weekly nutritional plan according to the individual needs of every employee
  • Provide continuous nutritional monitoring and nutritional advice via phone
  • Provide information regarding the consumption of various foods
  • Provide advice regarding foods that contribute to mental well-being
  • Treat eating disorders in collaboration with a licensed psychologist, when necessary
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