Soul Food App

Soul food is the world's first app designed to provide holistic self-care. HR. PSYCHOLOGY - TODAY's team of licensed psychologists and nutritionists has created comprehensive nutrition and mental wellness programs that help users see themselves in their best version in no time! The service is addressed to all employees and their first degree relatives.

The SOUL FOOD application is an innovation of its kind as it combines the following features:

  • It is the only application in Greece that combines healthy nutrition and mental health!
  • Provides special nutrition programs according to the needs of your metabolism (taking into consideration your weight, your age and your request)
  • It provides psychological motivation to stick to the program as well as specialized articles on emotional eating
  • It provides recipes to prepare recommended meals
  • It contains dozens of articles and information about psychology
  • It contains dozens of self-improvement exercises
  • It contains questionnaires that enhance self-awareness
  • Foods that help with different emotional states are suggested
  • It contains useful information about the relationship between emotions and nutrition
  • It gives specific solutions, not just advice

The adoption of the application by the company will give all employees and their first degree relatives the opportunity to have access to a healthy lifestyle, concerning both their physical and mental health. This way, you contribute significantly to the adoption of a different culture as far as healthy nutrition and mental health are concerned. The service is well combined with the Nutrition Support Line as the app user can request individual advice on the line. It also operates as an introduction to mental health services for your employees, as it includes a large part of psychological support!

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